Guangzhou Textiles Industry & Trade Holdings Ltd.Actively Prepare for Canton Fair


    As a large company with many foreign trade enterprises under one family, the annual canton fair is a big stage for Guangzhou Textiles Industry & Trade Holdings Ltd. to show our strength, promote brands and expand the market to take orders. This year, despite the impact of the novel coronavirus epidemic, Our group have not lost their enthusiasm in preparing for the canton fair, and various exhibitors are advancing in an orderly manner.
    The first is to formulate the exhibition plan and set up an overall working group. Our group have 5 foreign trade companies participating in the fair each year, with 160 booths at the canton fair, covering many core categories such as textile and clothing, chemical industry, furniture, electrical appliances, etc. there is much work to be done for communication and coordination. At the beginning of March this year, the company formulated the exhibition plan and set up an overall working group. Members of the coordination working group held a kick-off meeting for the 127th canton fair on March 19 to advance preparations for the fair as planned.
     The second is to take multiple measures simultaneously to build up the epidemic prevention and control line of the exhibition. At this stage, the novel coronavirus epidemic is spreading all over the world and the situation is grim. In order to prevent and control the epidemic during the exhibition period, our group have started to purchase epidemic prevention materials and pay close attention to the epidemic prevention policies and requirements of Canton Fair. In addition, the company will also issue guidelines and contingency plans for the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus pneumonia during the exhibition period to ensure the safety of participating employees and visiting merchants through strict measures.
    Third, the new products will be exhibited, and an online platform will be set up for online. As early as March 14, Lin Hu, Deputy General Manager of Guangzhou Light Industry & Trade Group Ltd. and Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Guangzhou Textiles Industry & Trade Holdings Ltd., mentioned in a telephone interview with reporters from Guangzhou TV that the company plans to bring more than 30% of the new products to participate in this year, and plans to add some props, background boards, lights, etc. to replace the dynamic display links of models with rich static displays, which will not only avoid crowd gathering, but also allow customers to better understand our products.
The photograph of our group in the 126th Canton Fair
    At the same time, the company will make full use of the research and development capabilities of its own information center and the design capabilities of Textile & Garment College, Guangzhou University wholly-owned by our group to build an online display platform, strengthen product push, and seek more cooperation by enriching the online services of canton fair through various social networking and office software.     
    Our group will actively participate in the canton fair, continue to provide high-quality products and services and overcome the impact of the epidemic with global partners, and work together for common development.
Written by Tang xueping


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